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Assistant Director and Production Assistant

'Good Bones'

1st Assistant Director

Wrangling actors, giving directions to an isolated location, call sheets, paperwork, scheduling and e-mailing.

Worked with award-winning director, Christina Kit Vinsick, as she continues to add to her resume by

winning "Best Director" at the Women's Only Entertainment Film Festival,

and Sound Designer David Impicciatore won "Best Music/Sound Design"

for Good Bones at the YES! Film Festival in Canada.

Hopefully more awards and news soon!

'Max at First Sight'

1st Assistant Director

This short film, produced and directed by Roland Uruci, shares the story of an Albanian family's dinner

to celebrate a marriage. Two families join together and a young boy

might just have found his first crush in his cousin's friend.

Or maybe he just got himself into trouble, again.

The behind-the-scenes photos below were taken by me.

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