Shoot your favorite scene or monologue!

Get a FULL demo reel!


Demo Reel Package:
  • $300 for an all-day session. (up to 8 hrs.) 
  • 3 scenes, monologues, or looks
  • camera, microphone, lights, and other equipment included (see "Equipment" tab)
  • multiple angles for each scene or monologue
  • each scene is shot cinematically to look like an indie film or web series
  • editing is free! (Using Adobe Premiere Pro cc)
  • 1 free revision
See an example here:
Reel Editing Package:
  • $100  *$75 to edit 3 scenes down to a submittable reel  (*price ends in 2021)
  • audio mixing/cleaning
  • color correction and grading
  • professional cuts and transitions made to focus on you and your performance
  • titles for projects
  • 1 free revision
  • scenes can easily be added for just $20 per scene
See an example here:
Shoot-a-Scene Package:
  • $200  *$150 for a 3 hour shoot (*price ends in 2021)  
  • Shoot one scene or monologue with multiple angles
  • Great for having short character clips to submit
  • Made to look like a real scene, not a reading in front of a blank wall
  • editing with Adobe Premiere Pro CC
  • high quality video and audio
  • pro lighting
  • 1 free revision
See an example here: